Thousand Oaks, CA


A familiar area of Thousand Oaks’ proposed downtown corridor, Lupe’s is a 5.13-acre site that was the first mixed-use development ever approved in the City of Thousand Oaks. The project is a result of the Thousand Oaks Boulevard Spe­cific Plan, created in 2011, and crafted over a five-year process. Named for the previous occupant of the land the project sits on the old site of Lupe’s Mexican Restuarant; a Thousand Oaks relic for almost 70 years, the restaurant closed in August 2017.  Designed around preserving a 400-year oak tree at the at the site, Lupe’s will embody a contemporary European square spirit, complete with central pedestrian walkways and 5 units reserved as “live-work” spaces.  With a focus on attracting restaurants for the commercial space, this development was meant to encourage a work, play, live environment.

Site Challenges

Numerous historic trees still occupied the property, so CCI and its partners have worked with the city on navigating around these cherished tenants. The city and its residents were concerned that developing the property would come at the removal and destruction of these natural landmarks. The development had to remove a small handful of trees, but fortunately, most of the trees were young and none were native species.  In addition, CCI strictly followed the city’s 3-1 ratio mandate: for every tree removed from a property, three must be planted in its place.

Community Support

The Lupe’s project has been extremely well-received by the city government and community. Residents and representatives alike have voiced their overwhelmingly positive outlook on the project for embracing the requests and wishes of what the community desires to become of the Thousand Oaks Blvd. corridor. The city hopes and is confident that the Lupe’s project has established a strong foundation and will set the tone for the remaining development of the corridor.