Cindy Shelton

Cindy began her career in affordable housing as a property manager for a 54-unit senior property with a small nonprofit company back in 1990. It was during this period that she developed a passion for the industry and the people it serves. That made her a natural fit for CCI and she joined the CCI team in 2009 as a property manager in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Excelling in this position and with a desire to achieve more, Cindy was promoted to Regional Property Supervisor in 2014 where she took on a portfolio of properties spanning the country from Louisiana to Nevada. Working with a wide variety of properties in different regions, Cindy gained a deep understanding of the industry and a wealth of experience and knowledge in affordable housing operations.

Ever wanting to expand her contributions to this industry that she loves, Cindy created, implemented and oversees the national Leasing & Marketing Department here at CCI in addition to her role as Regional Property Supervisor. With a focus on sales training of on-site staff, Cindy and her team’s pro-active tailor-made strategies have proven themselves successful again and again. In addition, Cindy still wears multiple hats including supporting the Executive Vice President of Property Management where she has assisted in the development and training of multiple nationwide programs.

A lover of the outdoors and travel, Cindy lives near a river and works remotely which gives her the freedom to travel the United States with her husband while still focusing on her career


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