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Raychel Larson-Yaggy

Raychel began her career with CCI in 2006, where she oversaw CCI’s insurance portfolio and gained a strong understanding of risk evaluation and the importance of policy and procedure. She then moved into CCI’s accounting department where she took on implementation of our property management/accounting software and as such, began working on creation and application of work flows, guidelines and protocols. In 2011, she became the Manager of CCI’s Compliance Department where she has integrated accounting and property management policies and procedures with compliance.

After a decade with CCI and with multi-departmental exposure and experience, Raychel now directs a team of compliance professionals to ensure that CCI’s internal workflows remain in compliance with LIHTC regulations and all regulatory issues as they relate to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She is responsible for remaining up to date on HUD’s constantly changing guidelines as they pertain to Fair Housing, EIV and MORs for over 7,000 units while also managing LIHTC and investor reporting for CCI’s tax credit portfolio.


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