Rochelle Sabo

With an Associate’s Degree from the Saginaw Business Institute, Rochelle has over 35+ years of Property Management experience in the affordable world. She began her career at CCI in 2005 when she joined our team as a Property Manager. In 2009, Rochelle moved up into the role as a Regional Property Supervisor where she oversaw a portfolio of buildings in four different states. In 2012, Rochelle was promoted to the position of Vice President, Property Management Division, where she works directly with the Executive Team and Owners. As a leader in our Property Management Division, Rochelle oversaw the creation and development of our Portfolio Vacancy Report process, Accounts Receivable and Rent Collection Protocols.

Rochelle spends her days focusing on establishing and achieving goals throughout CCI’s national portfolio, including employee performance, training, policy creation & implementation, HUD compliance and problem solving. Rochelle works closely with the Executive VP of Property Management, Department Heads and Regional Managers to provide support and ensure fluid communication across the portfolio.


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