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With over 80 years of collective transactional real estate experience, CCI’s acquisitions platform has a proven track record of success.  Utilizing industry leaders and our internal expertise, we have been able to negotiate solutions where other Buyers have had to turn away.  Our strong investing and lending partnerships allow us to act quickly in order to provide the best service to our Selling and Agency Partners.


Affordable Acquisitions:

With a focus on preservation and no geographic limitations, CCI is actively seeking to acquire project based Section 8 multi-family properties as well as LIHTC portfolios.   We have experience in the following areas:

  • HAP Assignments
  • TPAs (HUD insured debt assignment)
  • 202 purchases and prepayment
  • 236 decoupling, re-decoupling and prepayment
  • Mark down to Market Debt Restructuring
  • Mark up to Market approvals
  • Variety of HAP Renewals
  • LIHTC applications, development
  • Housing Authority/Agency/state and local transfers and approvals
  • 223(f), a(7), 221(d)4, FNMA, FMAC, Bond, Housing Authority, Risk Share, conventional loan structures
  • HOME Debt Assignments
  • Use Agreement transfers/assignments
  • 221(d)3 and other older HUD program re-positioning
  • Moderate to substantial rehab
  • Variety of Demonstration, Preservation and pre and post-M2M transactions


Market Rate Acquisitions:

With a concentration in mid to large markets, CCI seeks conventional transactions in both the multi-family and commercial space.  We have experience in the following real estate investments:

  • Multi-Family
  • Single Family
  • Vacation Investment Properties
  • Industrial NNN
  • Retail (NNN and gross modified)
  • Office
  • Agriculture




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