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The Livelle

Calabasas, CA

California Commercial Investment Companies and Life Care Services, two well-known companies in their respective fields, have collaborated to bring forth The Livelle—a groundbreaking senior living community in Woodland Hills, California. The name “Livelle,” carefully crafted from “live” and “well,” reflects the development’s core mission of promoting vibrant living and wellness among its residents. Backed by California Commercial Investment Companies’ expertise in development and asset management, coupled with Life Care Services’ unrivaled experience in senior living, The Livelle aims to redefine the standards of senior care by integrating luxury and nature seamlessly.

Development Considerations:
Our development team has meticulously planned every aspect of the project to ensure a seamless execution. Development considerations include working within existing entitlements while also conforming to updated building requirements (for example, solar), preserving significant riparian areas and trees, and navigating the involvement of numerous public agencies, from the Bureau of Engineers to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. As an infill development, we face limited options for staging and construction which will require meticulous strategizing to maximize space efficiency and streamline construction operations. We are steadfast in our efforts to nurture a collaborative relationship with the Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF), while upholding design continuity with the existing MPTF campus, and still crafting a unique identity for The Livelle. We are confident in our ability to overcome potential challenges through innovative design solutions and close collaboration with local experts, ultimately delivering on our promise of luxury and well-being for our future residents.

Location and Amenities:
The Livelle’s irreplaceable real estate, nestled adjacent to the Motion Picture & Television Fund campus in Woodland Hills, offers unparalleled walkability and convenience. Boasting a low density of only 250 units over 19 acres, an unusual feat in an ex-urban location. Our development will set a new standard for luxurious senior living. With a focus on well-being and comfort, The Livelle features spacious apartment homes, penthouses, and villas ranging from one to three bedrooms, offering a variety of configurations to suit resident’s needs. Underground or attached garage parking ensures convenience and accessibility for all.
In addition to luxurious residences, The Livelle will offer a wealth of amenities designed to enhance resident’s quality of life. A resort-style pool and spa provide opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation, while a gourmet restaurant offers exquisite dining experiences. Outdoor games, a theater, wine bar, rooftop lounge, fitness center, learning center, and walking trails cater to resident’s diverse interests and preferences. As a life plan community, The Livelle goes beyond traditional senior housing, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being and lifestyle enrichment. With its unbeatable location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to fostering a vibrant community, The Livelle promises to be a cherished destination for seniors seeking the ultimate in luxury living.


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