Celebrating 25 Years

In 2020, we have been continually celebrating CCI's 25 year anniversary! Needless to say, we are all VERY excited. In honor of this milestone, on the 25th of every month in 2020 we have been giving a little something extra, in the spirit of our CREDO, to honor our People, Properties, Tenants and Company.

January 25th

We gave an extra hour of Paid Time Off (PTO) to each of our employees; CCI is who it is because of our PEOPLE and for that we say thank you!!

February 25th

We took a moment to honor our RESIDENTS by throwing them a CCI pizza party. Without our residents, we wouldn't have communities to celebrate, buildings to look after or even a management company!

March 25th

We gave every resident a 4 pack of toilet paper. Spare a square for our 25th year? This pandemic-shifted gesture from our original plans was a small act of kindness to let our residents know that we are thinking of them.

April 25th

We donated to Feeding America to honor our COMPANY. In uncertain times, when many of our friends and family have lost their jobs and may be struggling to put food on the table, we are so grateful for our success over the last 25 years. It's that success, which you have contributed to, that puts CCI in the position to help those in need.

May 25th

We honored our COMPANY by having a little fun with some CCI Trivia questions and prizes. Each contestant had 48 hours to complete their 15 trivia questions.

June 25th

We announced an extra paid holiday in 2020 in the spirit of reflection and decompression and in recognition of the stress our employees may have been feeling in the face of our nation's challenges. We also announced the creation of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

July 25th

We sent all CCI properties 25 year party favors/goody bags as a way to have a little fun together. Although we couldn't have a party in person (yet), we can certainly pretend like we did!

August 25th

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment, we honor our people by celebrating their right to vote and our properties by encouraging legislators to protect affordable housing.

September 25th

In celebration of the different perspectives, experiences, opinions and backgrounds of each employee, we asked our team to create e-teams and make a digital collages that symbolizes what CCI means to each employee.

October 25th

In the absence of face-to-face visits, we remember how nice it is to take a moment and get to know each other, in a socially distant way, over a cup of coffee on CCI for every employee.

November 25th

Message from Garry and Lou


December 25th

twas our 25th anniversary
and all through the night
excitement was brewing
for a company gone right

through ups and downs
our small company grew

our huge successes
were not limited to a few

as we helped more and more residents
our hearts filled with pride
we make good investments
with good people at our side

and lest we forget,
our properties too
and our company as a whole
we're excellent through and through

as we count our blessings
and our celebration comes to an end
let's commit to paying it forward
whether to a stranger or a friend


Find out how we've been honoring 25 years of our People, Property, Tenants and Company.