In August of 1995, Lou Mellman and Garry Collett fused their commercial real estate investment and property management expertise to form the California Commercial Investment partnership. Over the next decade, they focused on local acquisitions and development as they eventually began to explore the affordable industry. In 2004, after broadening their footprint to a national level, they decided to incorporate, creating California Commercial Investment Group, Inc.

Collectively, Collett and Mellman have 70 years of commercial realty experience and have participated in over 250 investment real estate transactions during their individual and joint ventures. Currently, CCI and its affiliates are the owners and management agent for approximately 60 properties with over 5,500 units including senior affordable apartment complexes, conventional apartment communities, industrial and commercial buildings, and other investment units.

Our Timeline

  • 1995

    Garry and Lou Buy Their First Property Together

  • June

    CCI Is Formed

  • July

    CCI Buys its First HUD Building

  • June

    CCI Incorporates

  • June

    CCI is 10 Years Old

  • July

    CCI Does its First Development Deal

  • 2006

    CCI Owns and Manages 5,000 Units

  • Jan

    CCI Hires 100th Employee

  • Jan

    CCI Closes its First Tax Credit Transaction

  • 2013

    CCI Housed 10,000 Low Income Residents

  • Aug

    CCI Enters its 25th State

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  • 2020

    CCI Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


Find out how we've been honoring 25 years of our People, Property, Tenants and Company.