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Asset Management

As an Owner/Operator, our Asset Management Department is uniquely positioned to balance investor expectations and property needs.  With a team consisting of financial analysts and compliance specialists, we have experience in turning around long term problem properties, filling vacancies and instituting and maintaining operational efficiencies.


Financial Oversight

Incorporating quarterly budget reviews, insurance analyses, annual property tax evaluations and national contracts, our financial oversight is comprehensive.  Constantly scrutinizing high level property performance allows us to seek out all manner of income enhancements and maintain expenses at reasonable levels.  Our asset management team is tasked with:

  • Pursuit of various tax abatements or reductions
  • Weatherization grants
  • HAP Renewals
  • Insurance
  • Energy efficiency studies and audits
  • Entity Maintenance
  • Investor Reporting and Communication
  • Tax Preparation
  • Budget Creation and Review
  • Financial Audits


Compliance Oversight

With a multitude of regulatory requirements from federal, state and local agencies, our Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring that our management operations, as well as financial and resident income reporting adhere to the strictest of obligations.  They are responsible for:

  • Annual tax credit reporting
  • Adherence to EIV
  • HUD 4350 compliance
  • MOR audits and protocols
  • LIHTC resident income reporting (to Investors and Agencies)
  • Adherence to Regulatory and Use Agreements
  • HOME Reporting
  • AHP Reporting

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