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Arthur McCants Manor

Las Vegas, NV


This property was built as a Project Based Section 8 202 in 1980. It was originally developed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to house minority low income elderly and disabled people of Las Vegas. The project had been owned by the NAACP until we purchased it in 2004. At the time of purchase, the property suffered from poor management, neglect and general disarray.

Site Challenges

This site is in a high crime area and had experienced problems with prostitutes, petty theft and assault. Our challenge was to create an environment in which our elderly and disabled residents could feel safe and comfortable, despite the notoriously poor neighborhood. Additionally, because the building was historically marketed only to minorities, there were severe racial tensions between African American and Caucasian residents. We had to diffuse these tensions to create a more neighborly atmosphere.

We have successfully enacted the following: weatherization program through Nevada Power that allowed our residents to be the recipients of energy efficient items such as high efficiency light bulbs, faucet and shower head aerators, pipe, attic and wall insulation, window and door caulking, weather stripping, programmable thermostats and air conditioner tune-ups, to name a few, obtaining the prestigious crime free multi-housing program designation and finally, the conversion of 100,000 square footage of landscaping from traditional grass and shrubs to drought tolerant landscaping via a grant with the City of Las Vegas.

Community Support

Our greatest liaisons for the success of this property have been the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Las Vegas, Nevada Power and the Las Vegas Police Department.

Supportive Services

We successfully worked with the local non profit Southern California Presbyterian homes to obtain a Service Coordinator Grant.


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