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In August 1995, Lou Mellman and Gary Collett fused their commercial real estate investment and property management expertise to form California Commercial Investment (“CCI”). Collectively, they have 60 years of commercial realty experience and have participated in over 200 investment realty transactions during their individual and joint ventures. Currently, CCI is the owner and management agency for 56 properties with over 5,700 units including senior affordable apartment complexes, conventional apartment communities, and investment units.

CCI operates from its headquarters in Westlake Village, California. Its communities are located in over twenty states across the nation. All of the properties are owned individually or jointly by Lou Mellman, Gary Collett and their investors. The company employs regional property supervisors, onsite managers and maintenance crews and supervisors that are responsible for the routine operations and repairs of the properties. In addition, CCI has teams that include acquisition specialists, asset managers and financial administrators who manage accounting and payroll, and administrative assistants that handle the daily calls, paperwork, and other business of the company.

CCI’s conservative approach has enabled the company to maintain consistent growth in the face of volatile markets. CCI has an impeccable record of operation and management, having never had a property fail, and with a 100% positive portfolio performance.


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