1710 on the BLVD New Construction

Thousand Oaks, CA

Project Name:   1710 on the BLVD

Location:   Thousand Oaks, CA

A familiar area of Thousand Oaks’ proposed downtown corridor, 1710 on the BLVD is a 5.13-acre site that was the first mixed-use development ever approved in the City of Thousand Oaks.  Designed around preserving a 400-year oak tree at the site, 1710 on the BLVD will embody a contemporary European square spirit, complete with central pedestrian walkways and 5 units reserved as “live-work” spaces.  With a focus on revitalizing the Thousand Oaks downtown corridor, this development was meant to encourage a work, live, play environment.

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New Construction

Construction Type

concrete walls, wood framed-steel stud-structural steel colmuns, steel frames

Year of Completion

Expected 2019


Under Construction


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