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Big 2/Fox 24: West Texas Food Bank mobile food pantry in full swing, visited Manor Crest Apartments for second time

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2 / FOX 24) – The West Texas Food Bank is taking advantage of their new mobile food pantry.

On Wednesday, the food bank made a stop at the Manor Crest Apartments. It’s the second time the pantry has made its way to the complex, according to Manor Crest Apartments Service Coordinator Diane Cortez.

“A lot of my residents don’t have transportation or they don’t have any members of the household that can assist them,” said Cortez. The complex houses people over the age of 62 or those who deal with a disability. “It was an awesome opportunity and they chose us,” said Cortez.

It’s a resource the apartment complex knew some residents like Alicia Garcia desperately needed.

“It’s free, just feel privileged that we have this opportunity to enjoy whatever they provide for us,” said Garcia. The ability to reach people in the community is exactly what WTFB intended with their mobile pantry that they received around three months ago. “And we look for pockets of areas either in rural areas or either Midland or Odessa to where we know that there are really hungry people that we need to get to that we haven’t reached yet,” said WTFB Regional Agency and Outreach Manager Greg Clark.

With the ability to deliver, Clark says there’s no shortage of places to travel to. “We’ll be at Cavazos Elementary parking lot Friday morning, so we’re doing distribution out there. Medical Center Hospital on University in West Odessa,” said Clark.

Cortez tells BIG 2 / FOX 24 that the West Texas Food Bank will come to their apartment complex every first Wednesday of the month. For both outreaches, Cortez says more than 100 people turned out to get food.


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