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HUD Homes and Communities: Vega Place – Manager Conquers Senior’s Surfing

Fort Worth, TX —”Two and a half years ago, most senior citizens here had never touched a computer. They were totally opposed to bringing ‘those machines’ or a Neighborhood Networks center here,” recalls Ja’net Huling, manager of Vega Place Senior Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas. “It took me over a year to convince residents that computers could bring them lots of benefits—like Internet access to less costly prescriptions. Not only have residents overcome reluctance about using computers, they are really enthusiastic about all the possibilities that computers and the Internet open up to them.”

How did Huling change attitudes? “At our monthly resident meetings, I would bring up a computer-related topic, like using the Internet to find better deals on prescriptions.” Once people understood this, they realized that it would be worth learning some basic computer skills to be able to explore different Web sites. Gradually, she won converts and 100 percent of the residents supported opening a Neighborhood Networks Center at Vega Place. “Residents really like living here, and the center has made life even better.”



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