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Revitalized Northport Senior Apartments Ready to Welcome Residents After Devastating

Revitalized Northport Senior Apartments Ready to Welcome Residents After Devastating Fire

N. Sioux City, S.D. – California Commercial Investment Group (CCI), in collaboration with South Dakota Housing (SDH), WNC & Associates Inc. (WNC), and the Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD), is delighted to announce the Grand Re-Opening of Northport Senior Apartments in North Sioux City, South Dakota. Situated at 749 Streeter Drive, Northport offers 21 units designed for seniors aged 62 and older andoperates as a LIHTC Section 8 property.

On the morning of August 10th, 2020, a fire erupted at Northport Senior Apartments following a lightning strike on the roof. Fortunately, all residents were safely evacuated. Despite the fire crews’ two-hour efforts to extinguish the flames, all 21 units were tragically lost.

Facing challenges due to construction cost inflation and inadequate insurance proceeds, CCI took charge of rebuilding the property using the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s RAD for PRAC program, initiated in September 2019, in conjunction with the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). Danielle Hastie, CEO of CCI, highlights, “The financing and reconstruction of this vital senior housing project were made possible by the creative thinking and tenacity of the various organizations we collaborated with—a true public-private partnership effort, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.” Jessica Captanis, WNC Vice President of Originations-West, adds, “WNC is proud to partner with CCI on the rebuild of this stellar project. We especially appreciate that when working with CCI, we enjoy a level of trust that the local community is about to be changed for the better.”

As one of only three affordable senior housing developments in North Sioux City, the restoration of Northport was a top priority for local stakeholders. Former residents, who valued the sense of family fostered by community events, shared meals, and other senior-focused activities, expressed their anticipation for the project’s completion. Chas Olson, SDH Executive Director, notes, “There is no place like home for the holidays, and for Northport residents, that sentiment certainly rings true this holiday season. After lightning destroyed the previous apartments, South Dakota Housing was pleased to contribute to the rebuild by providing Housing Tax Credits to the project.” Despite the displacement and separation of many former residents after the fire, Northport is delighted to welcome back four of its original seniors. Returning resident, Vicki Porter shares, “Finally back in my own space with freedom. I am grateful to be back with old friends and making new friends and getting together with them in the community room.” Another returning Northport resident, Sandra “Sandy” Hilsinger notes, “It’s good to be back home, in a safe place with all of my friends.”

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