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Erica Bishop

After earning a Master of Forensic Psychology degree from Argosy University in Arlington, VA, Erica began her social services career at a restorative justice non-profit organization. Since then, she has worked in a variety of social service environments, expanding her case management and leadership skills, while becoming an expert in HUD supported programs. In 2012, Erica joined CCI as a Service Coordinator.

Since that time, Erica successfully took on many of the department’s special projects, including developing and implementing an intern program, mentoring new service coordinators, leading department forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas, best practices and conflict resolution, as well as developing portfolio-wide data standards and procedures. Erica understands the importance of working as a team and constantly pursues opportunities to strengthen the relationships between property management staff, service coordinators and company leaders.

Erica now leads a team of over 40 service coordinators to achieve the highest quality long-term, community based supportive services in the industry. With her excellent leadership skills, creativity, passion and determination, she ensures our residents receive the necessary support vital to their successful, independent living.


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