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Ryan Delson

As Senior Vice President of Asset Management, Mr. Delson is responsible for oversite of budgeting, HAP renewals, investment performance and risk management for CCI. With over ten years’ experience in the multi-family investment real estate world, Mr. Delson uses his industry know -how to focus on streamlining operating efficiencies at a portfolio level while maximizing rental income in order to maintain stable building performance. Additionally, he works with property management and accounting colleagues to oversee portfolio incidents to ensure active risk management, minimizing portfolio wide insurance claims.

In his 5+ years at CCI, Mr. Delson has spearheaded several company initiatives to enhance budget understanding at the property management levels, facilitate consolidated report ups to aid in comprehensive understanding of property operations as well as overseeing vacancy management, all with an eye toward enhancing portfolio performance.

Mr. Delson graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.


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